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January Sweatdown 2K24



The January Sweatdown 2K24 is here, bringing new tracks for the new year!

I do these Spotify Playlists every month and try to feature mostly new music. I’ve been doing it since April of 2018. I’m proud of the fact it’s one of the few consistent things I do every month. I might not work out as much as I’d like to. I might not write as much as I’d like to. But I absolutely do these playlists every month.

January is always a bit of a rough month to come up with a list on, even though you usually have all of December to mine sounds from after just doing a best of. I considered doing a retro list since 1994 was a pretty big year for me as a kid but maybe I will have that in my back pocket for later.

As always you can find the playlist on Spotify. Be sure to follow all of the bands you enjoy listening to and add them to your like lists so they come up on your future Spotify plays. Many of these bands are barely struggling to get any money from Spotify, especially due to their new stupid rules, so every spin helps.

January Sweatdown 2K24 Features:

July Talk – To Hell With Good Intentions
Hotel Mira – Alone in America
Bad Suns – Living or Dying
Trevor Something – Hey You
W O L F C L U B – Call me at the Weekend
At 1980, Josh Dally – Still in Love
Ghostfeeder – The Fallout
Maxwell Luke – here lies what could’ve been
Marlhy – Wouldn’t Do The Same
Great Good Fine Ok – Breathing
Love Frame Tragedy – Don’t You Want To Sleep With Someone Normal?
Elektrik People – Queen
Iron Claw Soundtrack – Live That Way Forever

Thank you for listening and reading and I’ll be back for my birthday month in February!

AWAW Aaron Wrotkowski 2024