True Detective S02E01: The Western Book of the Dead

You ever watch something and know it’s absolutely awful thematically, tonally and morally but you still enjoy it? I’m not talking to the extent of Birth of a Nation, a horrible fil

LFO, Summer Girls

Things I don’t shut up about: Summer Girls by LFO

“In the summer girls come and summer girls go” In 1999 when “Summer Girls” by LFO was released, I had just turned 14.


Big Trouble in Little Remakes

Yesterday, the talk of Tinsel Town was the announcement that 20th Century Fox was looking to remake John Carpenter’s “Big Trouble in Little China” and have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnso


My Journey in The Friendzone

Somewhere hidden in the dark recesses of the deep web are thousands upon thousands of words strewn across Livejournals, website blogs, Myspace blogs and more from myself complainin


Fury Road paved with Mad Intentions

It has been a long time since a film was good enough for me to see it twice in theatres. Mad Max: Fury Road is that good.


The last thing Joker and Harley Quinn should look is cool

New photos of Joker and Harley Quinn have surfaced from the upcoming Suicide Squad film. The reaction has been considerably less than what Warner Bros was probably looking for.


Montreal Canadiens offseason is the worst offseason

Right now you are staring at my headline and if you cheer for a different team, you are probably scoffing with authority.


E-Wrestling with Shadows

I once lived a life I barely remember. That’s a lie. I once lived a life I remember quite a bit about, but it doesn’t feel like I actually lived it.


#FFVI20Years: My Star Wars

This is an introspective I’m doing for Final Fantasy III, better known as Final Fantasy VI for the Super Nintendo.


Don’t hold your breath waiting for Marvel to handle women better

Before I begin, let me re-iterate I’ve taken a break from watching superhero movies since X-Men: Days of Future Past.