elxn42: There’s more to this country than voting.

I’m not voting today in the 42nd Canadian Federal election, found through social media as elxn42. That’s because I already voted last week. Voting is a choice.


Farewell to The Loop

‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’ The first time I went to The Loop in Windsor, Ontario, Canada was in 2006.


Jimmy Kimmel, YouTube and Straight Punching

Last Friday, Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to do a segment on YouTube Gaming, the brand new game streaming service by YouTube meant to compete with Twitch.


James Spader’s Alan Shore was fragmented and poorly written. And I loved it.

The eighth and final season of The Practice is the type of season all TV shows fear: retooling. The actors in them know death is imminent.


It’s just a nightmare.

I rarely have nightmares. Since last week, I haven’t slept without having one. It is starting to become a part of my routine.


The greatest comment to the worst Habs blog article about Alex Ovechkin

Warning: this is going to be mean. I don’t know how old David Martin is. Maybe he’s 15 and doesn’t know better. Even if that’s not true, this is really not his fault.


Gravity Falls: A Tale of Two Stans

This episode was a brilliant trip through the past, present and future of Gravity Falls.


True Detective Season Two: The First Four

I was first thinking about doing an episode by episode review of True Detective upon completing the first episode review. It seemed to make sense and what a lot were doing.


True Detective S02E01: The Western Book of the Dead

You ever watch something and know it’s absolutely awful thematically, tonally and morally but you still enjoy it? I’m not talking to the extent of Birth of a Nation, a horrible fil

LFO, Summer Girls

Things I don’t shut up about: Summer Girls by LFO

“In the summer girls come and summer girls go” In 1999 when “Summer Girls” by LFO was released, I had just turned 14.