If Nintendo goes to smartphones, it has to be done right

“The news of my death has been greatly exaggerated.”
– Mark Twain, paraphrased

The reports coming out today on Nintendo’s reduced hardware sales projections have awakened the same banter that came from the Nintendo 3DS’ slow sales numbers two years back and the already brightly lit conversation that occurred earlier in 2013 when Wii U sales slowed to a halt due to a lack of software. It’s back to ...

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NES Remix

This is a bit of a difficult review.

The difficulty is because I can really only review it under the viewpoint of someone who grew up in the days of the NES. I was quite young but games like Baseball, Excitebike and the Legend of Zelda are all familiar to me. For someone younger than a 1985 birth they might have been the SNES generation or even the N64 generation. ...

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