2016 Entertainment in Top 5 List Form


I heard you like lists?

It’s the very last day of 2016, which means I have a moral obligation to dust off the old blog and create a list. It’s a good time to post something since I took a break from writing this year and plan to get back into it. Waiting for a completely arbitrary calendar flip is a poor way to create good habits but you didn’t ...

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Things I don’t shut up about: Summer Girls by LFO


“In the summer girls come and summer girls go”

In 1999 when “Summer Girls” by LFO was released, I had just turned 14. That summer I had finished the eighth grade and was going to enter the ninth grade. My music tastes were defined based on alternative rock, industrial rock and loving videogame music. I also had a secret enjoyment with the dance music played on MuchMusic’s Electric ...

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Top 20 Songs of 2013: 10-1

Welcome to the top 10 songs of 2013. You can find songs 20-11 right here. The choice for the Top 10 was difficult in some places but not others. Four of the tracks here have been favourite’s of mine for quite some time while a few others slipped in late. What I consider the three best albums of the year are all represented in the Top 10 and I ...

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Top 20 Songs of 2013: 20-11

2013 was a fantastic year for indie music, at least when pertaining to my own personal tastes. I didn’t listen to as many full records as I have in the past but thanks to the music collecting efforts of Indie Rock Playlist I have been able to listen to hundreds of new artists every month.

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