Gravity Falls exceeds your 90s cartoon nostalgia

Gravity Falls

Spoiler free I promise!

With a 1985 birth, I’m a child of 90s animation.

I can’t recall the amount of times having drinks with friends or people I just met and getting swept up talking about the cartoons of our childhood. Discussing Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Dexter’s Laboratory, Tiny Toon’s Adventures, Rugrats, Recess, Gargoyles, X-Men, Goof Troop, Captain Planet, Eek! The Cat, Earthworm Jim, Garfield and Friends… I could go on. Seriously, ...

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Patton Oswalt: Outrage against the Machine


Patton Oswalt is one of the good guys.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are the good women, too. Their intentions were in the right place. Unfortunately, it was a swing and a miss at the Golden Globes.


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Fight Club 15


15 years ago from today, a film came out and changed my life.

While it was released on October 15, 1999, I didn’t watch it until 2000. We had an illegal satellite dish in our house to get American TV stations and all of the movie channels. At some point, Fight Club came on. I watched it close to every day. Since it was on several movie stations for the ...

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Old Testament Atheism and the debate between Ben Affleck and Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher

Being North American (Canadian), my experience is limited to who experiences more prevalent to what is common with western culture. That said, I have never met an atheist who was once Buddhist or Muslim. I have only met Atheists who came up from a Judeo-Christian background or lived through a Judeo-Christian environment. Hence the west. I’m sure they exist but this is only coming from this perspective.

I lost my ...

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Masters of Sex: Don’t forgive me.


Last week’s episode of Masters of Sex didn’t get a great reaction from everyone who reviews the Showtime series, but for me it was one of the most captivating episodes of any television in recent memory. If not the whole episode, the scene that occurred in the third act between Bill Masters and his estranged brother Frank.

To explain for those who haven’t watched the show, Bill and Frank’s father ...

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Let’s be Cops: Cliché, Confusing, Hilarious


This review is going to discuss plot. Do not read unless you saw the film or you have no interest in seeing the film.

With a title like Let’s Be Cops, you should know what you’re walking into. Even then, it’s difficult not to think about what you just watched after you do.

Let’s Be Cops is a pretty basic buddy comedy. Two 30 something guys who feel like their ...

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Ghostbusters 30


It is the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters. Like many theatres across North America, my local theatre decided to run it for today to celebrate the milestone. I wasn’t born when it was originally released to the big picture, so going today was like my inner child opening like a Pandora’s box.

Ghostbusters is personally a very important movie for me. Released in 1984, I saw it when I was around ...

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I’m done with comic book movies

Avengers: Age of Ultron

There’s a common complaint about movies in Hollywood these days, specifically of the summer blockbuster variety.

“There is nothing out there original anymore!”

This complaint applies to TV shows being turned into movies like Dukes of Hazzard, Miami Vice, and A-Team. It applies to the constant remakes like Clash of the Titans or reboots of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If a new movie directed toward young adult females comes ...

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Things I don’t shut up about: “That’s just, like, your opinion, man”


I’m an opinionated person.

I’m not going to say I haven’t been annoying about it in the past. I’m sure I have been many times. Butting in how I feel about something. Giving a long, irritating diatribe about why I feel about something. I can go on forever if I care enough about the subject. Sometimes even when I don’t. I just know enough to sound like I know a ...

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Why Bradley Cooper shouldn’t be Indiana Jones


There’s a current rumour skittering across the floor of the Internet like a mutated roach that Bradley Cooper could be a potential replacement for Harrison Ford in a fifth Indiana Jones film if Ford, Spielberg and Lucas don’t get something completed quick and go into production with it.

It should first be explained that the rumour was debunked by Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall before I had a ...

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