2016 Entertainment in Top 5 List Form


I heard you like lists?

It’s the very last day of 2016, which means I have a moral obligation to dust off the old blog and create a list. It’s a good time to post something since I took a break from writing this year and plan to get back into it. Waiting for a completely arbitrary calendar flip is a poor way to create good habits but you didn’t ...

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Jimmy Kimmel, YouTube and Straight Punching


Last Friday, Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to do a segment on YouTube Gaming, the brand new game streaming service by YouTube meant to compete with Twitch.

Jimmy Kimmel then did a response yesterday talking about all of the hate and vitriol he has received for doing the bit, continuing to talk about how he saw watching someone play a videogame to be silly.

So ...

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James Spader’s Alan Shore was fragmented and poorly written. And I loved it.


The eighth and final season of The Practice is the type of season all TV shows fear: retooling. The actors in them know death is imminent. Some actors know it’s much sooner as they never actually make it to that season. It has happened to many shows, from Scrubs to Community, for various reasons. Creator and producer David E. Kelly fired the majority of the main cast without much ...

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Gravity Falls: A Tale of Two Stans


This episode was a brilliant trip through the past, present and future of Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls has always been a show that played to the balance of drama, humour and scares. The scares are the least of the potion, coming when you least expect it and usually just giving you the jibblies. The humour is everywhere and what drives it as a kids show for Disney. We ...

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True Detective Season Two: The First Four


I was first thinking about doing an episode by episode review of True Detective upon completing the first episode review. It seemed to make sense and what a lot were doing. Then I recognized, through reviews of episode two, it was pointless.

Even this is sort of pointless.

It’s not pointless in that you won’t get to see my thoughts displayed and how they might change with subsequent viewings ...

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True Detective S02E01: The Western Book of the Dead


You ever watch something and know it’s absolutely awful thematically, tonally and morally but you still enjoy it?

I’m not talking to the extent of Birth of a Nation, a horrible film with horrible themes that should still be respected for what it did in evolving film as an art. I’m talking more at the level of, well, Game of Thrones. For the first few seasons of Game of Thrones, ...

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Big Trouble in Little Remakes


Yesterday, the talk of Tinsel Town was the announcement that 20th Century Fox was looking to remake John Carpenter’s “Big Trouble in Little China” and have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson star and produce.

This news was a hard pill to swallow for me. Big Trouble in Little China is one of my favourite films and before it was one of my favourites, it was one of my older sister’s ...

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Fury Road paved with Mad Intentions


It has been a long time since a film was good enough for me to see it twice in theatres. Mad Max: Fury Road is that good.

Directed by George Miller, proving skills only deteriorate with age if you let them, Fury Road is the kind of film you beg to happen every year. Sometimes the void is filled and other years it’s not. Last year it took a combination ...

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The last thing Joker and Harley Quinn should look is cool


New photos of Joker and Harley Quinn have surfaced from the upcoming Suicide Squad film. The reaction has been considerably less than what Warner Bros was probably looking for.

Things began with the photo of Joker having some cheap looking tattoos referencing his character in the comic books (don’t even try to consider the meta of that), where people freaked about the tattoos looking cheap and awful. Since they ...

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Don’t hold your breath waiting for Marvel to handle women better


Before I begin, let me re-iterate I’ve taken a break from watching superhero movies since X-Men: Days of Future Past. I have not watched anything following that, and I skipped seeing Days of Future Past in theatres. I have not watched Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers: Age of Ultron. Don’t think this comes from a place of me watching Age of Ultron or something. I haven’t. All I know ...

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