All Elite Wrestling gets a head start with TNT

Having been rumoured for months, All Elite Wrestling has officially announced their television deal with WarnerMedia to air a live pro wrestling television show on TNT.


Super Make Promises, not Resolutions HD: Game of the Year Edition

I wrote this back in 2014 going into 2015. I decided to update it for 2018 going into 2019. Promise. Guarantee. Oath. Decree.


You don’t know what is inside my head

A sensitivity warning and a disclaimer that I am not an expert, the things I say may be in contrast to what an expert says on the subject, and these are things I could change my mi


600+ Words on the Montreal Canadiens in 2016-17

So somebody brought up that the Montreal Canadiens won their division in 16-17 so things shouldn’t be looked at as so bleak. Nobody can take that away from the club.


Racism and Responsibility: Family, Friends, And You

I feel like I need to make a note about racism and responsibility that’s too long for a Facebook status update or a bunch of tweets.

SNES Classic Edition, Super Nintendo Classic Edition

All About The SNES Classic Edition

Nintendo announced the Super Nintendo Classic Edition today, priced at $79.99 USD to launch September 29th in Canada.


Like Sticks on the Back of The Hermit

“Ideas excite me, and as soon as I get excited, the adrenaline gets going and the next thing I know I’m borrowing energy from the idea themselves.

Nintendo Switch, Mario Odyssey

Can we talk about the Nintendo Switch with any level of reason?

The Nintendo Switch. Oh boy. Let me be clear: I am a Nintendo fanboy. I am up front about it. If they do something wrong I have a tendency to downplay it or just not talk about it.


2016 Entertainment in Top 5 List Form

I heard you like lists? It’s the very last day of 2016, which means I have a moral obligation to dust off the old blog and create a list.


10 Things I would do if I won Powerball

So tonight I’m going to Detroit to buy tickets for the Powerball. The longshot at winning the lottery is extravagant, but that doesn’t stop an active imagination from going crazy.